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Quotation Hearts.pngHaru: "I think I like you."
Shizuku: "Huh? You mean in a friend kind of way?"
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Shizuku Mizutani with Haru Yoshida, from Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Not to be confused with “Bakadere”.

"Ahodere" is a term for a character who is oblivious to feelings of love.

Meaning of the Name

Ahodere (アホデレ) comes from the words "aho" (アホ), meaning “stupid”, and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning “lovey dovey”.


The term originated on the internet, and is very popular on Japanese social media.


Ahodere characters are characters who are oblivious to other’s feelings. Regardless of how many hints they receive, or how obvious it is that someone is in love with them, they are simply unable to understand how their love interest feels until they outright say “I love you”.

Because of how oblivious ahodere characters can be, they may do typically romantic things with their love interest without realizing the implications. They will act confused when their love interest acts embarrassed.

Some ahodere characters may not even realize they are in love themselves. These characters may mistake signs of being in love as something else, such as their cheeks turning red as being a cold. When they do realize that they’re in love, they will be very surprised and may start to act differently around their love interest, usually in a very idiotic manner.

Characters with this Personality

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