Not to confused with a Hajigire, a tsundere and a dandere

A bodere refers to a character who is usually shy around those they’re infatuated with, and get embarrassed easily and will lash out to hide their shyness. In essence, they are similar to a combination of the dandere and tsundere archetypes.

Personality Edit

Bodere types don’t know how to handle their embarrassment and use their fists instead of their words. They are similar to tsunderes. The main difference is the lack of dialogue with a bodere. They are like a combination of tsundere and dandere.

Meaning of the Name Edit

The term derives from "bo", possibly derived from "bо̄gen wo haku" (暴言ぼうげんく, meaning "to rant"), and "deredere" (デレデレ) which means "lovey dovey".

Characters with this Personality Edit

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