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A "Darudere" refers to a character who is often very lazy and dull. They will usually ignore others and do whatever they want unless someone they care about asks them to do something or they really need their help.

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Dandere Deredere Kuudere Tsundere Yandere
Ahodere Bakadere Bocchandere Bokodere Byoukidere Darudere Dorodere Erodere Goudere Hajidere Himedere Hinedere Hiyakasudere Inudere Kamidere Kanedere Kekkondere Kichidere Kiredere Kitikudere Masodere Mayadere Megadere Nemuidere Nyandere Onidere Oujidere Oujodere Sadodere Shindere Shundere Undere Usodere Utsudere Uzadere Yottadere Zondere
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