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Miroku, from InuYasha

Not to be confused with "Hiyakasudere".

Erodere characters will act perverted and lustful at first, but will become lovestruck and more embarrassed after experiencing true love. [1]

Meaning of the Name

The name erodere (エロデレ) comes from the combination of "eroi" (エロい) and "deredere" (デレデレ), which means "erotic" and "lovey dovey".


The word was first mentioned in the same title of the erotic manga "エロデレ 誘惑お嬢さまが恥じらう時", from 2013. The title would be literally translated as "Erodere: When the Erotic Lady Feels Embarrassed".

Akari, following the proposal of her grandfather, decides to enter a relationship with the protagonist, using erotic and sexual means for it since the beginning.

However, during her first experience, her feelings change and she suddenly became ashamed of her perverted actions when she really begins to fall in love with the protagonist, embarrassed of her only lustful methods and interactions with him instead of more romantical ones.


Erodere characters will acts perverted at first, but when they get to know the love interest more, they become lovey-dovey and grow a more pure and sweet love towards them. [2]

They will act perverted and seductive in front of others and mostly the love interest to hide their real feelings of love. They will pretend to be only lustful and lewd, but they are actually more vulnerable and romantic than what they let on.

They can also be characters with a lewd streak, being flirtatious and lustful with others, talking with people with some hints of suggestive themes. They don't hesitate to propose perverted things to anyone who catches their attention or might be interested. Despite this, once they find true love, they will be less perverted, at least with other people.

This is a more extreme and erotic version of hiyakasudere. While hiyakasudere characters will only try to flirt with the love interest, the erodere will be much more direct and suggest, think, do and talk about more intimate acts and situations. Erodere characters will be more dirty when talking, while hiyakasudere characters will be more charming instead, but respectful of what they can arrive to say, usually just trying to be seductive enough to tease a little bit the love interest or gain their hearts.

Characters with this Personality

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