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Not to be confused with "Dandere", "Bokodere", or "Megadere".

A "Hajidere" refers to a character who is really nervous and embarrassed around their crush. Their shyness either only appears when they are around or interacting with their love interest or intensifies even more around them if the hajidere is normally shy.

Meaning of the Name

This word is a compound of "haji" (はじ), which means embarrassment, and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "lovey dovey".


Hajidere characters will get nervous (such as blushing, sweating, stuttering, being somewhat passive, and having trouble breathing) around their crush like a dandere character would, but in a much more extreme way. This also happens only or mostly around their love interest instead of with other people, whom hajidere characters are mostly calm around.

They can be social, outgoing, and confident in front of everyone else, unlike a dandere. However, some hajidere characters can still be very much like a dandere by being shy in front of everyone, but in a more extreme way around their crush.

Even if hajidere characters will avoid being in close proximity with their crush and to keep their conversation very short by saying "hi" to them every time they see their crush, distancing themselves away from them, and telling them politely to leave, they will spy on their crush from afar without their crush looking at them.

They will constantly blush very near their love interest, and might even faint from being so bashful. They have a ton of trouble confessing, so the love interest should make the first move, although if they do, the hajidere might even faint before they answer.

The difference between a hajidere and a bokodere is that hajidere characters can get really nervous and will try to hide from their love interest when embarrassed, while bokodere characters will become more aggressive or enraged when someone makes them blush, similar to tsundere characters.

Characters with this Personality

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