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Content Warnings: Mentions of violence and aggressive behavior. Images showing violence and blood.

Not to be confused with "Kitikudere", "Sadodere" or "Tsundere".

"Kiredere" is a term for a character who acts rude and harsh towards their love interest in hopes that they will better themselves.

Meaning of the Name

Kiredere (キレデ レ) comes from the words “kire” (キレ), meaning “sharp”, and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "lovey dovey".


The term is used for a genre of hentai and erotic manga.


Kiredere characters are characters who try to get their love interest to improve themselves by acting very harshly towards them, like an overly critical personal trainer. They figure that making rude comments will make their love interest reflect upon themselves, but it usually just makes them feel hurt.

A kiredere can target a number of different factors that they find unpleasant in their love interest and will act accordingly. For example, if they think that they are unfit, they might make them start lifting weights or will limit their diet. Even though their love interest will probably think that they do these things because they hate them, they do it because they don’t want to see them get sick or hurt because they aren’t strong enough to properly defend themselves.

Kiredere characters don’t act harshly towards their love interest out of arrogance like a himedere, kamidere, or a kitikudere might, nor out of malice or playfulness like a sadodere or hiyakasudere. Rather, they do it to be kind, even if it doesn’t come across very well.

Kiredere characters can be considered to be a type of tsundere that have an excess of both "tsun"' and "dere".

Characters with this Personality

See Kiredere/Anime Characters to see characters from anime media.
See Kiredere/Western Characters to see characters from western media.


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