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Content Spoilers: "MenheRafflesia".

Quotation Hearts.pngTo be broken by the one you love... It's an indescribable happiness.Quotation Hearts R.png
Matsuri Jasmine, from MenheRafflesia

Not to be confused with "Erodere", "Sadodere" or "Undere".

"Masodere" is a term for a character who likes being hurt and humiliated.

They are the counterpart and compatibility of sadodere.

Meaning of the Name

Masodere (マゾデレ) comes from the words "maso" (マゾ), meaning "masochist", and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "lovey dovey".


The term was created on the internet to pair with sadodere, a character who has sadistic tendencies.


Masodere characters are characters who have masochistic tendencies. These characters want to be harmed and shamed, finding pleasure in their own suffering.

Masodere characters would want their love interest to abuse them mentally or physically, especially enjoying pain inflicted from someone they admire.

They are the perfect match with "Sadodere" characters. While both dere types love humiliation and pain, sadodere characters enjoy inflicting this on others, mostly to loved ones, while masodere characters enjoy when this is inflicted on themselves, mostly by loved ones.

Masodere is similar to "Undere", since both these dere types will do what their love interest wants, even if it means hurting themselves in the process. However, undere characters do these things not because they want to feel humiliated, but because they feel inferior to their love interest and want to please them however they can.

Masodere is similar to "Utsudere", since some utsudere characters self-harm. Some masodere characters’ attraction towards pain may come from a place of self-loathing, but for most, they enjoy it simply because it makes them feel good.

Characters with this Personality

See Masodere/Anime Characters to see characters from anime media.
See Masodere/Western Characters to see characters from western media.


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