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Kosuzu, from Isekai: Slow Life

"Nyandere" (JP) is a term for a nekomimi character who expresses their love for their love interest by getting intimate with them in the same way a cat does. They will be highly affectionate towards their love interest and express their desire to be loved in the same way a cat does when it wants to be pet, such as by batting their paws to get their love interest's attention or rubbing against them and asking them to pet their head. They will also add "meow" to their sentences to make themselves sound cuter to their love interest.

Meaning of the Name

Nyandere (ニャンデレ) is a combination of "nyan" (ニャン), an onomatopoeia for "the sound a cat makes" or in other words "meow", and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "to be lovestruck".

Alternate Spelling

A Cat-Like Girlfriend

A Cat-Like Girlfriend by Chazu

It is also sometimes alternatively written as "にゃんデレ" using hiragana for "nyan" instead but this is less common.


The exact origin is currently unclear, but the term has been used in the title of several doujinshi fan manga series dating back to at least 2010, including Nyandere Imasu (JP) and Tsundere and Nyandere's Equation (JP).[1][3][4]

The first known use in an official media was the 2023 manga series A Cat-Like Girlfriend (JP) by Chazu which was described as "a cute romantic comedy about a nyandere cat girl".[2]


Nyandere characters in official media are always nekomimi, or someone who is part cat and part human. They have cat ears and a cat tail while otherwise looking like a normal human.

Characters who aren't part cat and just act like one might also count, but this has never been shown in official media. Some characters like this may choose to dress up and cosplay as a nekomimi when they are being affectionate with their love interest. It is also fairly common for characters who aren't actual nekomimi to be temporarily depicted as one as a visual gag during scenes where they mimic a cat, even if this isn't happening in the actual story.


Nyandere are characters who are deredere in a cat-like way. They are highly affectionate and show their affection towards their love interest by getting intimate with them in the same way a cat would. They are often quite clingy to them and will constantly try to get affection from them. They will rub against them in a way similar to a cat and also greatly enjoy when their love interest pets their head or rubs behind their ears. They may even start purring as a sign of their love. They can often be found sleeping on their love interest.

They will express their desire to be loved in the same way a cat would when it wants to be pet. They will constantly try to get the affection of their love interest and will often bat their paws at them when they want to get their attention. When they are expressing love, they might say "meow~/nyaa~" to show their loving feelings. They will also often add "meow/nyaa" to their regular sentences as well to make themselves sound cuter to their love interest.

Similar Japanese Archetypes

  • Juujin: A term for a hybrid humanoid animal character.
  • Kemono: A term for an animal character that has human traits.
  • Kemonomimi: A term for a human character with animal ears. The most common of which is cat ears.
  • Wandere: A term for a character who expresses their affection for their love interest by acting like a dog towards them.

Characters with this Personality

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See Nyandere/Non-Japanese Characters to see characters from non-Japanese media.



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