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A "Nyandere" is a character that is cat-related or is really obsessed with them, to the point where they act like them sometimes or even all the time when their "dere" side appears.

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Quotes from Anime, Manga, & Light Novels


"Can mew imyagine an imyaginyary mewnyagerie mewnyager imyagining mewnyaging an imyaginyary mewnyagerie?"
Black Hanekawa, from Bakemonogatari.

Quotes from Cartoons and Comics


Quotes from Movies, TV Series, & Novels


Quotes from Games

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet

"This is my master, the great and powerful witch, Butterscotch. Be grateful she is gracing you with her presence, nya."
Toffee, from Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet.

"You should know I have a pawlicy of not asking too many questions. Curiosity only leads to trouble for folks like me."
Toffee, from Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet.

"Nyo thanks. That place is all snow and dogs, I can hardly stand the thought of it."
Toffee, from Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet.

"Nyaaah, I shoulda went with you, I was just being a scaredy cat...!"
Toffee, from Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet.

"Gee whiskers, such flattering praise."
Toffee, from Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet.

Quotes from Other Sources


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