1. Obey the wikia terms of use.
  2. No NSFW photos.
  3. Do not add original characters to dere example lists, but feel free to add them to your user page or your blog post.
    • Please only add fictional characters.
    • Parody characters are allowed.
  4. Name photos and images properly if they are used on a dere page (if you know exactly what character or media it is from, add a caption).
  5. Undo vandalism if you can. If you are unable to do so, please contact a moderator or admin.
  6. Do not create dere pages unless you have evidence that that dere was created on the internet or in an anime or manga.
  7. Please post comments in English if you can.
  8. Please italicize names of media in "Characters with this Personality" example lists (you can do this with Ctrl + I or by pressing the italic i button or by editing in source editor and put: Character name from ''Insert Media Name''.
  9. Please post new titles and characters in character lists in alphabetical order. For anime media we use the Japanese titles.
  10. Keep discussions civilized e.g. no use of hate speech or cursing.

Here's a tip. If you want to find a character, media, or certain word(s) on a page, use Ctrl + F on the keyboard.

Policy for Creating New Pages

  1. New pages must end in "-dere".
  2. New pages must have at least 2 reliable sources referencing it.
  3. No combination dere types.
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