The Dere Types Wiki

Here are listed all our rules and some editing guides so all visitors and user can have the best experience on our wiki, keeping the wiki clean and safe for everyone.

The rules will be modified with time, so make sure to follow the page to be notified about the changes made.

General Rules and Guidelines

These apply to all the wiki, included your own user profile and talk page.

  1. Obey the wikia terms of use.
  2. No NSFW content.
  3. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned either temporarily or even permanently. If you see vandalism of any kind, contact any admin of the wiki as soon as possible.
  4. Please edit articles and post comments in English.
  5. If you want to make a big change in the wiki, contact the current bureaucrat first even if you are part of the staff of this wiki!
  6. Be nice and treat people with respect (e.g. no use of hate speech like racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, death threats and no inappropriate anger and hatred being directed at users, staff and wiki).
  7. Respect the opinions of others on the articles, mostly in the character lists and galleries. If you see a character that you find strange to appear on the list of that dere type, don't attack the person who added it or ask aggressively what this character is doing there. The same applies if you think a character is missing, always ask politely for any questions, doubts or new recommendations you have.
    • Don't write comments like "Why is this character here?" or "How is this character this dere type?", these comments will probably be deleted. If you have any questions or you really think a character shouldn't be in the list, ask about it politely or write a valid reason for their removal in a summary of your edit.
    • Before recommending a character to be added, make sure they really aren't on any list! This wastes a lot of time for users and admins who decide to add the character for you, just to see that they are already there. If you can't find your character, try to find the Japanese titles or name instead, or search sources that begin with "The". It's likely that your comment will be deleted if you make any unnecessary recommendations, but the user will not get in any trouble. You can always use Ctrl + F on the keyboard to find certain words in any article.
  8. Try not to add profanity in your comments, even if it's not addressed to anyone, since many articles without a warning template are visited by people of all ages. The message will probably be edited by an admin to change those words. On the other hand, if these words are directed at someone or are used to offend, the message will be deleted completely.
  9. You can share what dere type you are in our wiki, no matter which one. Even so, comments of this type that go into detail saying that the user is willing to kill or hurt others or themselves will be deleted.
    • Don't attack people that is sharing their dere type. If you see a questionable comment, report it or communicate it to a admin.
  10. Off-topic posts or spam will be deleted from articles and discussions, but you can talk with others about topics not related to the wiki inside talk pages. If you see that one conversation you are having is starting to go off-topic, continue the rest in a talk page instead.
  11. Try not to post the same question multiple times or in different articles to gain attention. If you still have more questions regarding some matter, contact and talk calmly with a staff member about the issue instead.
    • Some comments asking about wiki issues but posted in articles will probably be removed with time once the discussion is over or once the issue is resolved to keep the pages clean.
  12. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated.
  13. It's also prohibited to use puppet accounts to evade bans. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.
  14. One person can have more than one account if the user have forgotten passwords or can only access one of these profiles on certain devices, but users can't use a second account to pretend to be someone else and reply to their main account. These types of messages will be deleted and the second account might be blocked if the user continues to use it improperly.
  15. You can show your OCs in the discussions, your blog posts or profile, but don't use works of others claiming them as yours. If you want to use a piece of art that you think represents your OC and that is not made by you, you need to mention the artist and a link to their work, if not, the post will be deleted for false appropriation.
  16. Don't use the rules against the own wiki or try to find holes in them in your advantage. Depending on the wrongdoing of the user, even if not mentioned in the rules, a measure will be applied anyway.

Editing Guide

Please, avoid using Visual Editor and use Source Editor instead for every edit you do, even if it is a small edit, as the Visual Editor breaks the page code and format every time. This also happens if the user switches from one mode to another in the middle of their edit, so try to always use Source Editor and not change to Visual Editor in any time.

To use the Source Editor, the user must go to the three dots shown in the upper right corner of any article and choose the first option that says "Edit source". You can also click the link we provide in the edit template found above several articles.

  1. Dere types should never be written in plural with an (s) at the end and these are not normally capitalized. So instead of saying "Tsunderes are Deres that are sometimes hostile" say "tsundere characters are dere types that are sometimes hostile".
  2. If you see something that can be considered spoiler, you can blur a text, word or name using <span class="spoilerblur">Text with spoilers.</span> and also add the {{Spoilers|Type of spoilers.}} template above the article.
    • There are a couple of characters, one from the game Another Code and another from the game Pocket Mirror, that will have applied this spoiler blur in their names except the first letter. This is done on purpose, since their complete name is not revealed until the end, and only the initial letter is known in the beginning. Don't change this! We didn't miss that first letter accidentally!
  3. At the beginning of any article that may contain any kind of offensive or inappropriate content, there will be a warning template that indicates the kind of content that can be found in said article. If there is not a template, you can add it yourself as {{Warning|Type of warnings.}} above the page.
  4. Always try to write a summary of what kind of edit you do before saving, like explain that you are adding characters, images or quotes. When making a minor edit like fixing a typo, formatting or correcting titles or names, please specify it in the summary bar and click on "minor change".
    • If you do a lot of similar edits in a row, the next summaries can be shortened or even skipped.

Dere Pages

All dere articles have a shared format. You can always use an existing article as a guide to make your edits. The "Goudere" and "Deredere" articles are a good example to follow.

  1. New articles must be always for official dere types. If you think a different kind of page should be created, ask a admin first.
  2. New pages must have at least a Japanese reliable sources referencing it or a link or proof to where the dere name is mentioned in some official work. If you want to add a dere type created by yourself, add it to the Unofficial Dere Types page instead.
  3. Official combination should be added in the Popular Dere Combinations page instead of creating an article for the combination. Official variations should be added to the List of Variations.
  4. For personalitites, we only have 7 types of categories to add in dere articles: Arrogant, Distant, Flirtatious, Kind, Sad, Shy and Violent. Avoid adding non-existing categories and ask permission if you think a new one is necessary. These new categories have to be suitable to be used in more than one dere type and not just one or two. If you want to add a personality to a single dere type, add it to their infobox instead.
  5. In the infobox, the main image should be of a character from a Japanese source that is a good example of the dere type. This image should also have good quality and show the dere personality in action somehow.
  6. All dere articles have a link to their gallery and six examples of images below. This little gallery, used as a preview of the real gallery, should have only 6 images of anime or visual novel/dating simulator characters that best represent the dere type, not only because of the character added but also because the images or GIFs should show the dere side in action somehow.
    • Don't add or remove images from here, use the real gallery to add new images. If you see that a change is necessary in the preview of the gallery, tell an administrator beforehand.
  7. At the beginning of the article, a single quote that represents correctly the dere type can be added. This quote shouldn't be too long and should be shortened in the main dere article, but it can be added in full on the quotes page. It's preferable that the quote comes from an anime or another Japanese source, said by a character that represents well the dere type. Other quotes will be changed with time if they aren't like this.

Character Lists

  1. Do not add original characters to dere example lists, but feel free to add them to your user page, in the discussions or your blog post.
  2. Please only add fictional characters in the lists. Popular fanworks and parody characters are allowed.
  3. Please post new titles and characters in alphabetical order. For anime media, we use the official Japanese stylized titles.
    • Numbers go always first than letters during the alphabetical order. If some media begins with "11" and another begins with "1a", the one with "11" needs to be added first too.
  4. Add all those characters from East Asian media to the anime list instead of the Western list even if the style of the source is not anime, like it's the case of some Nintendo franchises like "Mario".
    • If a source doesn't meet the standards of the point above but tries to replicate the anime style, like it's the case of games like "Yandere Simulator" or "Doki Doki Literature Club!", these should be added only in the Western list and shouldn't be added in the anime list of characters despite the style being anime-like.
  5. Characters that are from an animated movie should be added to the "Characters from Movies, TV Series & Novels" section instead of the "Characters from Cartoons & Comics", like it's the case of several Disney movies.
    • The same applies with anime movies. These must be added in the "Characters from Movies, TV Series & Novels" instead of the "Characters from Anime, Manga & Light Novels", like it's the case of several Studio Ghibli movies.
  6. Before adding a character, make sure that the character is not added already in the anime or Western list. If you want to find a character, media, or certain word(s) on a page, use Ctrl + F on the keyboard.
  7. If a user is going to remove a character, they should write a reasonable motive for such action in the summary first. If a character is removed without a clear reason and even by a new user, the edit will probably be reverted for safety and to avoid edit wars between users that added said character or consider them that dere type.
    • A character should only be deleted if they don't show any signs of that dere type, but is preferable to keep them if they show it even a little bit. Characters can also have more than one archetype, dere or gire type, so don't remove just because they show more of another dere type, like it's the case of several dandere characters that also are or turn yandere.
    • Sometimes there can be conflicts when adding or removing characters, each person has a different idea on topics like these. Keep in mind that the lists are subjective and that there will always be characters that represent one dere type better or more strongly than other characters listed. Don't feel bad if someone removes your character or re-adds one you deleted. If you really think a character should or shouldn't be on a list, talk it over calmly with the other user to come to an agreement.
  8. If a character only acts like this in one episode, route or ending, this should be mentioned and add it after the name of the character. Episodes should be always italized: Character Name (Episode Number)
  9. If one character have different names, like is the case of some superheros, all these names can be added using / as a separation: Peter Benjamin Parker / Spider-Man
  10. Character from songs or music videos can be added, but as "The Protagonist" or a similar name instead of adding the real name of the artist. The name of the artist should be added next to the title instead, between curved brackets: Song Name (Artist Name) - The Protagonist
  11. Links should be added to the characters if all the other examples have one. Being The Dere Types Wiki a Fandom Wiki, it's best if these links are from another Fandom Wiki project, and this wiki must be about the media the character comes from. Other links that lead to other official or reliable websites talking about the character should only be added if for some reason a wiki of this media or article about the character doesn't exist. Other type of links, mostly those unrelated to the character, will be removed.
  12. All characters and media added should follow the format. In Source Mode, a new character should be always added using this code as a reference:

* '''''Media Name -''''' Character Name / Character Alias (''Episode Name'')

Links are added as such to a character's name:

[ Yuno Gasai]

If you want to add more than one characters from the same media, add them as such and also in alphabetical order included the names of the characters:

* '''''Media Name -'''''
** Character 1
** Character 2 (''Episode Name'')
** Character 3 / Character 3 Alias


  1. All files added must show the dere type of the character instead of adding a random image of said character, like the first sprite of them you find on the internet, just to have the character in the gallery. Make sure to add only images that represent correctly the dere type to help people understand it better thanks to the images and GIFs shown in the pages. For example, an image that shows the "tsun" side of a tsundere character or a GIF with a clear transition of their "tsun" side to their "dere" side.
    • These images should represent the dere type clearly even for visitor that have never seen these characters before and without knowing the context behind the images. Files that seem other dere types or that don't show the correct dere type at its best would be removed.
  2. Name photos and images properly if they are used on a dere page or in the gallery. Names that are too long or that are derogatory will be changed or even deleted.
  3. All new images or GIFs should be official works or screenshots taken from the original media they come from, so fan arts are not allowed. Make sure to add to all of them the {{Fairuse}} template and if you can, a description saying from where they are taken.
    • However, this is an exception for all those media that are based mostly on fan works, such as "Creepypasta". In this case, you must use the template {{CC-BY-SA}} and always add in the description the artist of said fan art with a link to the artist's page or to the original image. If the artist is not mentioned or linked, the image will be deleted from the wiki.
    • Images added to the wiki should never have watermarks, and a personalized watermark of the wiki should never be created either! These images are taken from copyrighted material, and don't belong to the wiki or any other user.
    • Videos don't need a fairuse template, as all videos are embedded, not hosted, so copyright compliance by the person who uploaded the video to YouTube is assumed. In other words, all visits to the videos here will count as visits to the original video.
  4. Make sure that the image you are adding is of a character already listed in one of the lists. If the character is not there and you really think they should be included because they match the dere type, remember to add the character to the character list before or after you add an image of them.
  5. If a single image shows more than one character, you must add the name of all characters in the description. If both or all characters are that dere type, you must add "Character1 (left) and Character2 (right) from Source", but if only one is that dere type, you must then mention the dere character first and add "with" instead of "and": Character2 (right) with Character1 (left) from Source
  6. After uploading a file, make sure you add it somewhere. Those files that have been uploaded and that are not used anywhere after half an hour will be deleted if the user who has uploaded them doesn't show any more signs of activity in the wiki.
    • It's possible for an admin to add these files to a gallery if they can be used, but only if the image represents clearly one dere type and meets all the requirements. You can also request a admin personally to help you if you don't know how to add files yourself.
  7. In Source Mode, the code to add images is as such:

ImageName.png|Character from ''Media''

Quote Pages

  1. Only add official quotes said by characters. Made up quotes are not allowed, but you can share your own quotes in the comments, blog, discussions or profile.
  2. Don't censor words if they are not censored in the original work. At the beginning of any articles that may contain strong language, there will be already a warning template that indicates the kind of content that can be found in said article. If there is not a template, you can add it yourself as {{Warning|Type of warnings.}} above the page.
  3. Typos that are intentional in the original source should not be rectified, but the unintentional ones can be rectified even if it's written like that in the original source.
  4. Try to add a quote that only represents the dere type. If the sentence gets too long and parts in between are not related to that dere type, remove these parts and add <br>(...)<br> in each removed part.
  5. Every table in the page is for an entire franchise. Don't create individual tables for different games of the same franchise, instead, add them in the same table and separate them inside by games with double intro. An example would be games from the Mario franchise.
    • There should be a single table for "Songs" and another for "VOCALOID" in the "Other Sources" section, and every quote inside should be separated by artists.
    • The double intro can also be used to separate the quotes by characters, unless the table is already separated by another method mentioned above.
  6. Always add (Spoilers) in the table next to the franchise name if any of the quotes inside that table have spoilers of any kind.
  7. With game quotes, the conditions in which that quote appears in the game should be mentioned if they don't always appear by normal gameplay, for example, by doing certain actions, in a specific route or ending: Character, after the player chooses to go left in the "Route Name" of Source Name
  8. Like the images, if more than one character are talking, you must add the name of all characters in the description. If both are that dere type, you must add "Character1 and Character2, from Source", but if only one is that dere type, you must then mention the dere character first and add "with" instead of "and": Character2 with Character1, from Source
  9. A quote about a dere type but said by another character can also be added, but you must add who are they talking about: Character, talking about Dere Character, from Source Name
  10. A dialogue between characters can also be added, but only if necessary by context. If you can, only add a quote said by a single character. If you only add the parts of a character and delete the parts of other in between, you don't need to add <br>(...)<br> separations in those deleted parts said by other characters, but you must add <br> instead. The <br>(...)<br> should only be added if you skip a part said by that same character.
  11. Due to the code used on the page for the quotes and tables, here it's mandatory to use Source Editor. This is the code that should be used to add a table and quotes in it. Bold text are the only parts that should be changed by the user.

Normal table:

{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border:1px solid #ff38a3; border-radius:6px; width:100%; font-size:11px; font-family:Arial; text-align:right"
! bgcolor="#ff38a3" style="border-top-left-radius: 8px; -moz-border-radius-topleft: 8px; -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 8px; -khtml-border-top-left-radius: 8px; -icab-border-top-left-radius: 8px; -o-border-top-left-radius: 8px; border-top-right-radius: 8px; -moz-border-radius-topright: 8px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 8px; -khtml-border-top-right-radius: 8px; -icab-border-top-right-radius: 8px; -o-border-top-right-radius: 8px; colspan=3 style=" align="center" font-size:12px" |Source Name
|{{Quote|Add quote here.|'''Character''', from ''Source''}}

Table with multiple quotes and characters:

{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border:1px solid #ff38a3; border-radius:6px; width:100%; font-size:11px; font-family:Arial; text-align:right" ! bgcolor="#ff38a3" style="border-top-left-radius: 8px; -moz-border-radius-topleft: 8px; -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 8px; -khtml-border-top-left-radius: 8px; -icab-border-top-left-radius: 8px; -o-border-top-left-radius: 8px; border-top-right-radius: 8px; -moz-border-radius-topright: 8px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 8px; -khtml-border-top-right-radius: 8px; -icab-border-top-right-radius: 8px; -o-border-top-right-radius: 8px; colspan=3 style=" align="center" font-size:12px" |Source Name (Spoilers)
|{{Quote|Add quote1 here.|'''Character1''', from ''Source''}}

{{Quote|Add quote2 here.|'''Character1''', in the episode "Edisode Name" of ''Source''}}

{{Quote|Add quote3 here.|'''Character2''', in the "Route/Ending Name" of ''Source''}}

{{Quote|Add quote4 here.|'''Character2''', if the player chooses to do this action in the "Route/Ending Name" of ''Source''}}

{{Quote|Add quote5 here.|'''Character3''', talking about '''Character1''' in ''Source''}}

Quote with dialogue between characters:

{{Quote|'''Character1''': "Add dialogue1 here."<br>'''Character2''': "Add dialogue2 here."|'''Character1 and Character2''', from ''Source''}}