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Azazel Ameri, from Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

"Teredere" (JP) is a term for a character who gets really embarrassed around their love interest. They get extremely lovestruck by their love interest which causes them to become very bashful around them. They may also become even more embarrassed if they get complimented by their love interest. After spending enough time with their love interest they may be able to get used to being affectionate with them and can overcome their embarrassment.

Meaning of the Name

Teredere (照れデレ) is a combination of "tere" (照れ), meaning "to feel embarrassed", and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "to be lovestruck".

Tere is the feeling of being both happy and embarrassed when someone draws attention to one's existence or actions. When a teredere is around their love interest they are both happy to be near them or to be complimented by them, but also extremely embarrassed by it at the same time.[1]


The term comes from the 2013 erotic manga series Teredere♡Santa Claus (JP) by Kazuki Hiro. The story follows the romance of a young girl dressed in a Santa Claus outfit who gets easily embarrassed in front of her love interest.[2]

Alternate Name

This type is widely known in the Western community unofficially as "Hajidere". This comes from the word "haji" (恥), meaning "shame", "dishonor", or "an embarrassment". However, this etymology incorrectly refers to the act of "being an embarrassment (to the people around you)", as opposed to getting embarrassed from social situations.


Teredere characters will become bashful (such as blushing, sweating, stuttering, being somewhat passive, and having trouble breathing) around their love interest. However, when they are around other people that are completely fine. The feeling of embarrassment only comes from how much they love their love interest.

Some teredere will avoid being in close proximity with their love interest and keep any conversations with them very short. They will usually always make an effort to at least say "hi" to them every time they see them. Some may even spy on their love interest from afar without them noticing.

They will constantly blush very near their love interest and might even faint from being so bashful. They have a ton of trouble confessing, so the love interest should make the first move, although if they do, the teredere might even faint before they answer.

Some characters may not behave like a teredere in front of their love interest at first, but may became more bashful around them as they start falling more in love with them. It's also possible that getting a compliment from their love interest can suddenly make them very bashful and they will start having difficulty looking them in the face when they didn't have this problem before.

Types of Teredere

There are several variations of teredere that have a slightly different formula from the original kind:

  • Tsuntere: A term for a character who gets very embarrassed around their love interest and then acts harshly towards them because of it. While a regular teredere will try to "physically" hide from their love interest when they become embarrassed, a tsuntere will become aggressive as a way to hide it. This could be thought of as a mix of teredere and tsundere.
    • Bokodere: A term for a character who gets very embarrassed around their love interest and then lashes out by punching them to hide it. This is an even more aggressive form of tsuntere.

Differences From Other Archetypes

Teredere is very similar to dandere, but also quite different in that they have seemingly inverted personalities. Dandere are shy and quiet in front of people they don't know but become talkative around their love interest, whereas teredere are fine talking to people they don't know but become bashful around their love interest. Teredere get easily embarrassed around their love interest from how much they love them, while dandere do not get embarrassed when talking to their love interest but may get embarrassed when having to speak in public. Some characters have both types and will be very shy all the time like a dandere and then get even more shy and bashful around their love interest.

Similar Japanese Archetypes

  • Dandere: A term for a character who is silent almost to the point of coming across as emotionless most of the time, but will suddenly become talkative and sweet when they are around their love interest.
  • Tsundere: A term for a character who acts harsh and irritable towards their love interest in order to conceal their warm and loving feelings. Tsundere often get extremely embarrassed from being around around their love interest when they are still in their denial phase.

Characters with this Personality

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