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Welcome to the The Dere Types Wiki!

When you are reading manga, watching anime, playing games, or surfing the internet, you've probably encountered some names that end with "-dere". "What do these mean?" you wonder.

Now go and explore this little wiki and learn everything about all the deres! Please help us update, expand, and create pages if you can! Maybe you know some characters in some media that matches a dere, or found more information about one. Perhaps you found an entirely new dere! If so, you can add to our articles!

What exactly do these words end with "-dere" mean?

Dere comes from "deredere" (デレデレ), an onomatopoeia meaning "lovestruck" or "lovey dovey". Dere type characters are characters that express their affection in different ways, or on different levels.

Most of the dere types are how characters react to becoming lovestruck.

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      Comment: Catra from the SheRa reboot is a Mayadere and a Giseidere.
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      Summary: Characters with this personality:
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      Comment: Now I can't say a specific character, but a lot of them are also Underes, but not everyone. Some Yanderes can be very loyal to their love interest,...
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      Comment: Hey! You can create that dere type on the "Page to create unofficial dere types". If you dont know how to do it I can help you.
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