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Sakura Haruno, to Sasuke Uchiha from NARUTO

Not to be confused with "Goudere" or "Megadere".

An "Undere" refers to a character who says "yes" or "I agree" to almost everything the one they love says and follows everything they are told to do. They are really dependent on their love interest, and would not know what to do without them.

Meaning of the Name

This word is a compound of "un" (ウン), which is a short way Japanese people say "yes" or "maybe", and "deredere" (デレデレ), which means "lovey dovey".


Undere characters agree as much as possible to become as close as they can to their love interest out of fear of being abandoned. It's even possible that they would fear that they would become unable to take care of themselves independently.

They do pretty much whatever their love wants. This always leaves them open for voluntary manipulation, due to not thinking about the negative consequences of always saying “un, un, un” (yes, yes, yes) to their love interest no matter what.

There are a few similarities between an undere and a megadere when it comes to being so much in love with their crush that they never want to let go. On the other hand, a megadere will almost always adore their love interest but still will question their motives to some degree if they do something wrong. An undere will act almost like a cultist, blindly following their love interest even if their love interest treats them badly in return and their love interest commits morally incorrect actions. Undere characters do this at the cost of their well-beings and the well-beings of others just to please the undere's masters so as to fulfill their purpose in life.

There are a few similarities between an undere and a hiyakasudere when it comes to attempting to gain the love of their crush and not respecting their crush's social boundaries. However, an undere is not confident to seek attention from their love interest and to approach their crush, due to their moderate anxiety issues. A hiyakasudere refuses to be enslaved by their love interest, they are very sociable and they are very confident to approach their love interest and others in public without feeling nervous or shame.

There are a few similarities between an undere and a deredere, since they love their crush so much they're super happy around them. However, an undere usually fakes their happiness to cling on to their love interest everywhere their love interest goes, often times annoying them greatly in the process. A deredere will respect the social boundaries of their love interest, and they will never easily submit to being enslaved by their love interest, making them more rebellious, honest and selfless than an undere.

Variations and Similar Japanese Archetypes


A "Megaundere" is a cross between a megadere and a undere.

Meaning of the Name

Megaundere (メガアンダー) takes the English word "mega", meaning "big", "un" (ウン), meaning "yes", and the "dere" (デレ) from "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "lovey dovey".


Megaundere characters obsess over their crush to an extreme, putting their love interest on an incredibly high pedestal. They are completly love blind, unable to see any fault in their love interest. They are very agreeable and submissive, to the point that they are willing to give themselves up to their partner like a slave.

Megaundere characters are very easy to manipulate, since they are so loyal to their love interest, making them susceptible to abuse.

Characters with this Personality

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