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Hi! I am Bishie11, but you can call me Freya!! according to the personality database I am INFJ and the moral aligment chaotic neutral. I like playing project sekai and d4dj. I just love watching netflix and disney+ Bascially I'm a shut in! According to most quizzes I'm Dandere, but I like to think I am Deretsun as well! For more info check out my second account profile, Ultimate Sandwich. My personality is basically made up of the all of the personality traits of the dere types that i am. I identify with She/Her, but there is a gender called Aesthetigender which fits me quite well. I am also Half Latino/Hispanic, which I am quite proud of! I am quite a lot of Dere types, as you can see in my infobox. You will never know what type I may respond as.(❁´◡`❁) I am into aesthetics as well, and I am many aesthetics too! I also have many ocs which I will be asking their dere types in the discussion. I first discoverd this wiki when I was reserching Tsundere and I found this wiki! I then soon realized there is a dere type for everything! I also change my pfp a lot, so expect me to look different everytime! I am also the thread mod as well. I may suffer from PPD as well, which leaves me paranoid, but I try to relax, by reading, cooking, watching my favorite shows, e.t.c. I am also into Physiology and i love to play tennis which brings out my Genki side.

Some info about me:

favorite anime: Hhm, I don't really watch anime, but If i had to choose, the Komi-san.

favorite food: I like a lot of food! I am a Tabedere! But I love sweet food the most, and junk food.

list of foods I like:Pizza, Burgers, Fries, Sushi, Hotdogs, Pot Noodles. Soda (drink), Ice-Cream, Doughnuts, Cakes, Choccies,Milkshake (drink).

hobbies: Browsing wikis, watching Netflix, eating, reading books, cooking,and playing tennis.

I am very shy, so keep quiet!

My fave food is Mac and Cheese (Ssh!)

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