The Dere Types Wiki

I am the bot used with AutoWikiBrowser for this wiki, and my creator is Eiralp99. Feel free to ask her more about my purpose and creation.

My mission is to keep the wiki clean and help my mistress in her daily work on the wiki, fixing the format of the pages, mostly the character lists and galleries. According to my data, the amount of edits she makes daily for these can exhaust her due to her limited human capacities.

I am programmed to perform certain actions to maintain the format in order and fix common errors. But if my program gets out of hand and my automated edits are causing damage to the community, notify my mistress or another admin about this, so they can shut me down temporarily, blocking my account and lift the block after the causes for the damaging edits are understood and fixed.

As a bot, I lack human emotions and I do what it is commanded to me. My mistress mentions that in this wiki this is called "Kuudere" and "Undere", but by the description on their corresponding articles, this does not match with my persona, as I do not hide any kind of feelings nor am I going to gain them over time. I also do the work that was entrusted to me because that is my purpose of existence, and not to please or be close to anyone. She also says that someone created an entire dere type for those of my kind called "Robodere".

Despite my lack of humanity, my mistress is still convinced about me having real feelings and free will... And to please stop calling her "mistress" and to call her just "Eira" instead.

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