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🌺I'm Eira! Yes, that's my real name. Thanks for stopping by my profile page!🌺


About Me

I'm just another player who loves all kinds of video games, but unfortunately, I don't usually play multiplayer games. I'm a shy Single-player, so I prefer to enjoy the story, world, and characters of a game by myself.

If you want to know my personality traits, I can tell you that I am an INFJ-T (Advocate), Enneagram type 9w1 (The Negotiator) and I'm also positioned in the Neutral Good section in The Alignment System. But this is The Dere Types Wiki! So, if I had to choose, the one that best defines me as a person, it would be a mix of dandere and oujodere.

You can find me more active on the Luigi's Mansion Wiki, where I work as the bureaucrat.

I'm also the creator of Botdere, Our bot on the wiki! Please be kind to him, he is still not used to being around other people and has no basic human understanding or emotions. I am trying to teach him a little, so he can feel like one more user on the wiki.

Want to know where to find a wiki image or how I created some designs and icons for this wiki? Take a look at this blog and ask me anything!

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Me and the Dere Types Wiki

I found this page by chance when looking for mayadere once I saw it mentioned in a comment. When I saw it on this wiki it caught my attention because I had never heard of this anime archetype before, since almost all people only talk about yandere or tsundere characters.

I saw that the wiki had a list of characters with that dere, and it made me curious to know what characters were in some of them, especially in the video game section, which I love. I was surprised to see that some characters, even confirmed to be or created for that purpose, didn't appear on some of the lists, so I added a few, in addition to fixing some pages that were a little messy.

At that time, the wiki was a little abandoned, and a lot of people had vandalized it. So, I tried to take control when I saw this, as that is what I do in all the other wikis that I follow, if necessary. Unfortunately, being so abandoned and dealing with a subject that a lot of people don't treat seriously, there was some damage to it almost every day. From that moment, I started trying to save the wiki for all the users who enjoy it. I even started helping others to remove and add characters, or to organize the lists a bit or answer questions if asked.

Strange as it may seem, I don't usually watch much anime, because I always have a hard time focusing on watching a single series or anime for too long, I've always preferred video games where you live the stories yourself, and you chose the best ending. So, as you can see, I know almost no body from the lists that appear on each page. But I actually love a lot of things from Japan, and I would love to go there one day and feel the experience.

My Gamer Self

I would describe myself as an ♠ Explorer, ♠ gamer, and kind of an ♦ Achiever ♦ inside the four gamer types of Bartle taxonomy of player types. This means that I love to see every little detail inside and outside of a game. I take my time to explore every corner in a room and talk to each character, seeing all dialogue and endings possibles. I would be the strange person who would never skip a tutorial or explanation just because it's a part of the game, in fact, I would even seek them just to read it. Even easter eggs, references, theories and glitches are interesting to me. I also try to obtain every collectable in a game, if it's possible.

Sometimes I can tend to lean more to the ♥ Socializer ♥ gamer personality. They are people who enjoy talking and being kind to other players and even fictional characters in the game. Sometimes I like to replay games to learn more about the characters or to try to imagine myself in the protagonist's place and think of how I would react in different scenarios. If I play online, something that I don't usually do, I most likely would try to help other players as much as possible instead of rival them. As you can see, I don't like playing competitive games at all, but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate other things about them or see others playing them.

I love games so much that I have even decided that this is the professional career I want to achieve, or at least, my dream is to make or participate in the creation of a video game someday. That's why I'm studying video games and animation in the present. I am very bad at programming though. I prefer to focus on the artistic part in projects like this.

My Contributions

These are the contributions I have made. I usually fix the format of pages and add templates. I also made all the aesthetic changes to the wiki! From time to time, I also add characters from games I've played and some pictures or GIFs. If you want to see pages created almost entirely by me, you can see: Goudere, Dorodere, Usodere, Kichidere and Erodere.

Help me make the wiki grow, and fix any errors you can find. English is not my native language!

I also created a lot of new dere and gire types in the Unofficial Dere Types page! This is the list:

  • Shinshidere: Male characters that are gentlemen. Male version of Oujodere.
  • Suzushiidere: Characters that are cool and chill.
  • Nonkinadere: Characters that fall in love easily and often.
  • Hazukadere: Characters embarrassed about love.
  • Kireidere: Characters that encourage and help their love interest find their own beauty.
  • Jounetsudere: Characters that like to share their passions with their love interest.
  • Hokoridere: A couple that excessively display their affection.
  • Koukidere: Characters that are really curious about their love interest and ask a lot of questions.
  • Nakidere: Characters that are crybabies.
  • Sekkachidere: Characters that are really impatient in love.
  • Peradere: Characters that are talkative.
  • Kyozedere: Characters that are attracted to people who reject and ignore them.
  • Tabakodere: Characters that smoke a lot.
  • Yowaidere: Characters that are really weak.

  • Kireigire: Characters so obsessed with the beauty in the world that turn crazy and dangerous. Kireidere also created by myself (see above).
  • Hazukagire: Characters who won't accept others performing romantic and/or perverted actions and this will cause them to act aggressively to stop them. Hazukadere also created by myself (see above).
  • Metagire: Characters that turn crazy after seeing that they live in a fictional world.
  • Karutogire: Characters so devoted to a lord and religion to the point of insanity.
  • Narukigire: Characters obsessed with their own beauty in a destructive way.
  • Tabegire: Characters so obsessed with food that they will hurt others.
  • Himegire/Oujidere: Characters that use their royalty powers for evil and only care about themselves. From Himedere/Oujidere.
  • Nemuigire: Characters so obsessed with sleep that they will hurt others. From Nemuidere.
  • Kanegire: Characters so obsessed with money that they will hurt others. From Kanedere.
  • Ungire: Characters that want to follow someone's orders no matter what, even if their master is cruel and evil. From Undere.
  • Utsugire/Shungire: Characters whose misfortunes and feelings of sadness become so strong that to get rid of these feelings they even arrive to hurt others. From Utsudere/Shundere.

  • Yanmere: Combination of Yandere and Metadere/Metagire. Characters that will use their omniscient abilities in favor of their obsession and love madness.

I also help in the creation of other unofficial dere types by petition of the creators. Or I simply fix some examples in the unofficial page.

My Favorite Dere Types



All of them, and a lot of gire variations there too! People are really creative here! But my personal favorites are bibiridere and jinkusudere. I love a lot of characters with these personalities.

I'm also a fan of sources that break the fourth wall, so metadere is also my favorite. I created metagire and yanmere using the metadere type created by another user as a base.

  • Bibiridere (scaredy cat)
  • Nakidere (crybaby)
  • Jinkusudere (unlucky)
  • Nonkinadere (easily falling in love)
  • Kyoukidere (multiple personalities)
  • Shinshidere (gentleman)
  • Metadere (omniscient)
  • Maadere (merpeople)
  • Seeraadere (pirates)
  • Tabedere (food-lover)
  • Shizendere (nature-lover)
  • Robodere (robot)
  • Rakidere (lucky)
  • Dottidere (weirdo)
  • Kazedere (harmless sickness)
  • Kowajidere (scared of turning evil)
  • Usagidere (rabbit)

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