Also everyone, Please take your time to read ALL of this. Thank you. Hi! I know we aren't usually supposed to talk about this, but it is a very serious matter and it HAS to be discussed. Incase you didn't know, George Floyd was a black man in America, who was recently brutally murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. He was completely cooperative while he was being arrested, but the officer still took it much to far. The officer knelt onto Georges neck, causing him to suffocate to death. He was heard yelling that he couldn't breath, and bystanders begged for the police officer to get off of him. Not that it matters AT ALL, but the crime George committed was merely a bad check. He did not deserve to die for this. So i'm coming onto EVERY platform I am on, and asking EVERYONE to sign this petition to have charges pressed against the officer. (I'm not in America, I'm in Canda) Thank you for your time.

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