Hi there its me Luren2.0. If u guys want to listen to "Yandere rap battles" feel free to listen to Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, Apple music, ITunes, and on Youtube. Michaela Laws is the creator of the "Yandere Rap Battles". Please read this blog so u can know what's happening about the rap battles. If u wan her to make more rap battles, than your gonna have to charge her money to make more rap battles for "Yandere Rap Battles". Why do we have to charge her money? Is because people are keep asking her to make more rap battles but there just scamming them. And the another reason why she charge us for her to make more rap battles is because, she doing it to make money and also, she is doing it as a job. That's why. As a donation message for the rap battles, you guys just have to say to her: "This money is for you to make more rap battles for "Yandere Rap Battles". That's all. If u want to donate money to Michaela laws for the "Yandere Rap Battles", here is the link below: if u want to donate her money to the rap battles, than feel free to do it. Oh and also, if u have any questions, suguesstions, or request, put it down on the comment section below. And there will be a poll down below afterwards. let's try putting donating up to $1000.000 dollars so Michaela laws could make more rap battles for 'Yandere Rap Battles". If u like this rap battle series that "Michaela Laws" made and wanted her to make more, make sure to donate her money up to "$500.0000" dollars or lower. So make sure to donate money today so she will make more rap battles. Oh, if u donate money to Michaela Laws for the rap battles, make sure to comment down below to my blog so i'll know when u donate money to her. And also, once u guys are typing up the donation message, please tell her that u should put it up on Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer, Apple Music, and on iTunes. Enjoy the rap battles :)

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Oh and the final rap battle is on Genius:

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