A few weeks back, a mass of random (with no evidence) deres and non-dere page productions have been created.

One of them was the legendary "Ysundere" page or also known as the "Page to Create Unofficial Dere Types" page. Other types of pages were the hybrid type of dere such as "Danredere" and "Kuutsundere". There were also other dere pages without enough evidence such as "Hinodere", which was apparently created because of a spelling mistake from "Hinedere".

The Page to Create Unofficial Dere Types however, was causing quiet an uproar. Some users love it, while others were simply being loyal and respectful to the Dere Wikia to keep it true to its name. I've heard some news that the page will be deleted, however, at the moment, at this exact time (March 15 2020), the page has not been deleted yet so it is still uncertain. The pages with the "non-dere" tags had also caused quiet a stir. So, to keep things in order, the staffs cleaned it up from The Dere Wikia and deleted the non-deres.

Even though some of us may be upset that their hard work (edits and contributions) and their favorite non-deres had been deleted, we should all think about what's best for The Dere Wikia and respect the wikia by following the rules. New rules had also been added, so hopefully, before publishing a page, all users should keep in mind of the rules and try to avoid conflict. (Come check out the new rules:

The good news is, some pages are currently moved to

Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention about the "candidates-of deletion" tag. All of the pages with the tags had been deleted and the wikia is nicely cleaned. Except for one special dere that had survived, which is Nemuidere. Thanks to all of the users that had voted in the poll for the Nemuidere to not be deleted and thanks to the suggestions in the Nemuidere comments, Nemuidere is officially in The Dere Wikia.

With this blogpost, I hope I could provide a record/documentation of this eventful weeks. Hopefully this would also be a useful lesson to all of us. Have a great day everybody!

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