The Beginning of Everything

One day I woke up, and decided to create an OC. To be specifically, a Tsundere OC. More over, I decided that it would be interesting if I created her looks according to quizzes. So I answered the question in the quizzes as if I were a tsundere (I probably answered some wrong because I'm not truly a tsundere). But I had fun! :D

Breaking My Privacy Wall and Publishing My OC

The most bizzare idea that I thought while planning to make my Tsundere OC is that I recorded every step and process. So I made a video out of it. I've always been cautious, aware, and afraid that people around me (in real life) found out my hobbies and other people's judgements. But that day, I thought screw it! I'm never gonna feel free if I keep closing myself up. So I decided to publish my video on Youtube (this is probably going to be either the worst mistake in my life or the most wonderful mistake in my life).

After I uploaded the video, I also decided to create an account for this dere fandom in appreciation for all the useful informations. All these years I've been in the shadows as "A Fandom User" where I've only watched the Fandom from afar as it develops into a great and cool wikia. But now I can finally step out of my own comfort zone and be a part of the wikia :)

Oops, I was getting a little off-topic there. Anyway, if you want to know the drawing process, here is the link to the video: (check the description box if you want to skip some parts).

The Final Result

So from the quiz results, the OC has red eyes, white and yellow hair with blunt bangs, a peachy white skin tone, and a romantic girly style. Here is the result of my OC design! It's not the best, but as I said, I had a lot of fun! I haven't given her a name yet though, so maybe some of you guys can help me name her?

Thank you for your time to read this! Have a great day! ;)


Serene's Tsundere OC, Valerie

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