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"Byoukidere" is a term for a character who is kind, affectionate, gentle, and deredere at heart but suffers from a serious illness. They may be confined to a hospital bed or wheelchair as a result of their illness, or they may just be weak and need assistance getting around. Their love interest will be the one who stays by their side and cares for them during their time of need. Despite their frail state and not always having the energy to be physically active, they are very optimistic and will always make an effort to be intimate with their love interest.[1]

Meaning of the Name

Byoukidere is a combination of "byouki" (病気), meaning "illness" or "disease", and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "to be lovestruck".


Byoukidere was created in the Western community to describe characters who are sweet, but suffer from serious illnesses. Usage of this dere can be traced back to 2017.


Byoukidere are characters who are kind and have a gentle heart, but suffer from a serious illness or disease. They will often have personalities similar to Yamato nadeshiko or oujodere. They are very kind, helpful, and sweet in nature.

Byouki Period

Byoukidere are often confined to a hospital bed or wheelchair as a result of their illness, but some may just be weak and frail and need assistance getting around.

Byoukidere characters will have two different moods as a result of their condition; one for when they are feeling better and can act more like themself, and one for when they are feeling more sickly and cannot do much of anything.

Deredere Period

Due to their often frail state, they will be a lot more gentle ehen being deredere and affectionate with their love interest. Their love interest will be the one who stays by their side and cares for them during their time of need. They will help them get around and will nurse them during times when they are struggling the most.

Byoukidere are often very optimistic even despite their situation. While their love interest may be feeling sad and helpless, byoukidere will often encourage them to be strong and will give them hope. They want their love interest to not be stuck mourning the past in the event of the worst-case scenario. They want them to move on and find success and happiness in their future.

Their love interest will often be desperate to find a cure for their illness or to get money for treatment, sometimes frantically. However, unfortunately, in many cases their disease is fatal and they do not make it. In these cases, the byoukidere will simply try to spend as much time as possible with their love interest before it is all over.

Other times, the love interest may manage to find a treatment, or the byoukidere naturally recovers over time. In these more positive cases, the byoukidere and their love interest will be able to move on from these hard times and be able to live a happy normal life together.

Naming Confusion

Byoukidere should not be confused with yandere (病んデレ). Although both dere types use the same root word "yamai" (病), they have different suffixes which alter the meaning. Yandere uses "yanderu" (病んでる), which refers to a "mental illness", while byoukidere uses "byouki" (病気), which refers to a physical illness.

Similar Japanese Archetypes

  • Hanahaki Disease: A term used for a fictional illness that causes a character to begin coughing up flowers due to an unrequited love.
  • Yandere: A term use for a character who suffers from a mental illness that causes them to have an excessive obsession with their love interest.

Characters with this Personality

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