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Rangiku Matsumoto, from Bleach

"Yoidere" (JP) is a term for a character who is normally calm and collected, but becomes very playful, cute, and flirtatious towards their love interest when they are drunk.

Meaning of the Word

Yoidere (酔いデレ) is a combination of "yoi" (酔い), meaning "drunkeness", and "deredere" (デレデレ), meaning "to be lovestruck".


The term originates from the 2015 romantic comedy manga series Love Is Like a Cocktail (JP) to describe the character Chisato Mizusawa. Chisato was a girl who appears to be calm and collected, but when she starts drinking turns into a playful and cute girl. The term "Yoidere" served as a nickname for the series, which was described as "the drunken comedy cocktail about Japan's most lovey-dovey couple."[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Alternate Name

Yoidere is also sometimes unofficially known as "yottadere" in the Western community.


Although not as common as other dere types, it was later used in a popular doujinshi manga based on Azur Lane in 2019 called Yoidere Laffy (JP) which featured the character Laffy, who was notorious for becoming playful when drunk.[9]

It was also used in the 2021 romance doujinshi manga series Yoidere BL (JP).[10]


Yoidere are characters who are normally calm and collected, but become very playful, cute and affectionate towards their love interest when they are drunk.

Yoidere don't necessarily drink all the time, but when they do decide to get drunk they become very flirtatious and cute. The alcohol makes them put their normally strict barriers down and all of their pent-up lovey-dovey feelings come out. Yoidere are typically lightweights when it comes to consuming alcohol and often even only a couple sips turns them into a playful overly flirtatious person.

Characters who don't become flirtatious while drunk, but instead get aggressive, grumpy, or depressed after drinking do not fall under this archetype.

Characters with this Personality

See Yoidere/Japanese Characters to see characters from Japanese media.
See Yoidere/Non-Japanese Characters to see characters from non-Japanese media.



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